Gel Brush 6

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Gel brush in cat's tongue shape. Made from Hertex synthetic fiber. Perfect for polishing & modelling. Particularly popular as a full cover & sealing brush. The hair length is 15mm.

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•Cat tongue shape
•Suitable for polishing and modelling
•For full cover & sealing
•Hair length 15mm

Before beginning any gel modelling, it is important to prepare the brush for a successful application. Dip the brush in a small amount of gel. Place the brush on the plastic side of a stencil and work it back and forth, removing any air bubbles. Make sure the brush is completely saturated. After preparing the brush, it is important that you follow proper care.

If the gel is left in the brush and exposed to light, it will harden and the brush will no longer be usable. The brush bristles should only be cleaned with 99% isopropyl alcohol on a damp, lint-free tissue.
Note: Soaking gel brushes in solvent will melt the brush hairs. Keep brushes away from all light sources when not in use to prevent the gel from curing or hardening in the hairs. This includes any LED or UV lamp, daylight and sunlight. Never store brushes near a window, always store in a drawer or brush box. Do not pull out the cured gel. This will eventually cause the brush to fray and lose its shape. Once the gel in a brush has hardened, it cannot be removed.